Citrix Personal vDisks

Citrix PvD (or Personal vDisk) is a great way to allow users to have the freedom of installing their own applications and customizations, while still having the standard vDisk as its base disk. Citrix has made major improvements to this architecture throughout the years. The personal vDisk is a virtual disk that you will actually […]

Adding UniFi Access Point to Controller

Hi all! I am going to do a quick run-through of adding UniFi Access Points to a controller running on a Windows host. Let me start off by saying how impressed I am with the UniFi line. They really are giving the big wireless guys a run for their money, including Cisco and Meraki.  With […]

Expanding a Citrix PVS VHD Image

Ah, Citrix Provisioning Services… argumentatively one of the most ingenious technologies when it comes to Citrix’s XenApp/XenDesktop suite. PVS gives administrators the ability to install application updates, perform image maintenance, maintain version control, etc. without ANY service interruptions to production virtual desktops. On top of that, the cache-to-RAM/overflow-to-disk option (7.1) gives storage administrators a huge […]


Hey everybody! My name is Nick Burton and this is my first IT blog; well, my first blog ever! I’m extremely excited to get this started, as I have been meaning to do it for quite some time. Throughout the years of my professional IT experience, I have ran into many issues that are undocumented […]