Horizon 2111.x Admin Consoles Broken After Chromium 117.x Updates!

Just a heads up – Chromium 117.x updates seem to have broken certain versions of Horizon Admin Console, specifically 2111.x, which is a big hit for ESB customers. The symptom is when browsing to specific pages around the admin console, the following error pops up in a big red banner at the top: InvalidPipeArgument: ‘Missing […]

High CPU Utilization in Nested Published / RDSH Horizon Apps

I recently came across an issue where high CPU utilization of the vmware-remotemks.exe process was seen with nested Horizon apps. Nested, meaning a Horizon published application is running within a Horizon desktop session. This issue began happening during the move to Horizon 8, and seemed to specifically begin happening when the desktop agent was at […]