Just a heads up – Chromium 117.x updates seem to have broken certain versions of Horizon Admin Console, specifically 2111.x, which is a big hit for ESB customers.

The symptom is when browsing to specific pages around the admin console, the following error pops up in a big red banner at the top: InvalidPipeArgument: ‘Missing locale data for the locale “en”.’ for pipe ‘e’

VMware is keeping track of this issue via KB 94667. According to this, it -seems- it may be CORS-related, which many Horizon administrators have struggled with over the years, requiring the locked.properties file to be edited, etc.

Hopefully a workaround is found quickly. I will keep this post updated as I hear more!

UPDATE – 11/27/2023 – While there have been several reported versions impacted by this, upgrading to at least 2212 (ESB build) will fix the issue. It is also possible to engage support for a hotfix.