Logoff Horizon Sessions from CSV File

I was recently tasked to build a script to logoff a group of sessions from a CSV file, which contains usernames. The script requires PowerCLI and HV.Helper modules, like most Horizon scripts. Also note that this will only work in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment and will actually logoff sessions across all pods. I can […]

Horizon 2111.x Admin Consoles Broken After Chromium 117.x Updates!

Just a heads up – Chromium 117.x updates seem to have broken certain versions of Horizon Admin Console, specifically 2111.x, which is a big hit for ESB customers. The symptom is when browsing to specific pages around the admin console, the following error pops up in a big red banner at the top: InvalidPipeArgument: ‘Missing […]

Create Horizon RDSH Apps from CSV File

Creating Horizon application pools manually can be a time-consuming task. Click add, manually fill all of the fields… it’s at least a one minute process per application. Well, thanks to the HV.Helper module, creating app pools can be very easy to automate! While each app pool takes about a minute to do per pool manually, […]

Horizon Browser Redirection Now Available on Linux Client 2303 (and IGEL OS)!

Just wanted to do a huge feature callout for Horizon Linux Client 2303 – Browser Redirection is now available! But what is Browser Redirection and why do we care? If you’re a Horizon admin, You’re probably familiar with HTML5 Multimedia Redirection (MMR). This allows HTML5-based audio/video (YouTube, etc.) to be completely offloaded to the local […]

Workspace ONE Access and Citrix Integration – An Undocumented Requirement!

Recently I ran into a fun little issue while integrating a Citrix environment into a brand new Workspace ONE Access tenant. This one was interesting because a third-party IdP was immediately in use, so no Password (Cloud) was ever configured, as it was assumed (hint, hint) not to be needed. There are two primary components […]

Monitor Unified Access Gateway with PowerShell

As you probably know, you can monitor the favicon.ico on your UAG with a load balancer to determine if a UAG is up or down (or in quiesce mode). You can also utilize PowerShell’s Invoke-WebRequest commandlet to not only monitor for the UAG health, but also send an email alert via a SMTP server if […]

High CPU Utilization in Nested Published / RDSH Horizon Apps

I recently came across an issue where high CPU utilization of the vmware-remotemks.exe process was seen with nested Horizon apps. Nested, meaning a Horizon published application is running within a Horizon desktop session. This issue began happening during the move to Horizon 8, and seemed to specifically begin happening when the desktop agent was at […]

Workspace ONE Access Horizon Syncs Fail After 7.x to 8.x / 2111 Updates

Recently I came across an issue where Workspace ONE Access syncs suddenly began failing after performing Horizon upgrades, specifically from 7.13 to 2111. Of course, this did not happen when upgrading the test environment. When looking at the Access Admin Console, you see a generic error when pulling up the failed sync information: “Error occurred […]

Logoff Sessions Pending Image in Horizon

I recently received a request from a follower, asking if it is possible to script logoffs for any Instant Clone desktops that are pending an image update. Currently they have to manually go through the admin portal and log them all off, not a quick task when dealing with thousands of sessions. We can certainly […]