Logoff Horizon Sessions from CSV File

I was recently tasked to build a script to logoff a group of sessions from a CSV file, which contains usernames. The script requires PowerCLI and HV.Helper modules, like most Horizon scripts. Also note that this will only work in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment and will actually logoff sessions across all pods. I can […]

Create Horizon RDSH Apps from CSV File

Creating Horizon application pools manually can be a time-consuming task. Click add, manually fill all of the fields… it’s at least a one minute process per application. Well, thanks to the HV.Helper module, creating app pools can be very easy to automate! While each app pool takes about a minute to do per pool manually, […]

Logoff Sessions Pending Image in Horizon

I recently received a request from a follower, asking if it is possible to script logoffs for any Instant Clone desktops that are pending an image update. Currently they have to manually go through the admin portal and log them all off, not a quick task when dealing with thousands of sessions. We can certainly […]

List Horizon App to Global Entitlement Associations

Sometimes it is handy to list all of the associations between Horizon Application Pools to Global Entitlements. Here is a quick function I wrote to do so! Introducing Get-HVAppsToGEs. You must first install the HVHelper Modules with PowerCLI, as well as a really cool module called Join-Object for performing SQL-like joins within two PowerShell arrays. […]