Another fun post regarding nested Horizon apps (see my previous one here with high client CPU), but this one is for VMware Integrated Printing. This one is not a bug, but actually some changed behavior that could bite you if you’re not aware of it.

Starting with Horizon Client 2012, by default we do NOT pass “L1” printers into a nested session. That means if you map printers within the virtual desktop and not on the physical endpoint, those printers will no longer get mapped. Only L0 printers will get mapped into the L2 session.

L0 = Physical endpoint, L1 = First hop (VDI), L2 = Second hop (RDSH app).

To change this behavior, simply set the new Horizon Client GPO for Allow to redirect L1 local printers to inner session to Enabled. Note that you will need the ADMX templates for at least version 2012 to get this setting.

Hope this helps!